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Starbase Captain's Chair to Receive an Upgrade!

Many local fans have been to Starbase Columbus and have sat in our authentic replica of Captain Kirk's chair on the USS Enterprise NCC - 1701.  Well, the coolness of this just got even cooler!
In the coming months the Electronics Engineering class from the Ohio State University will be
doing a class project at Starbase!  Once completed all the switches on the chair will make sounds
and all the lights will flash automatically and intermittently.  The project should be completed by
Christmas break, so be sure to come in for a totally new experience!

Starbase Columbus Grand Re-opening

On Saturday, September 17, 2016 Starbase Columbus, an iconic Star Trek & Science Fiction store held its grand re-opening celebration.  Originally founded by BJ Mitias in November of 1992, the store still stands as a testament to the popularity and legacy of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who and other iconic science fiction shows.  Having wanted to retire for some time, Ms. Mitias was planning to close the store at the end of 2016.  Efforts had been made by store staff members to save Starbase but time was running out.

Enter The Federation.  This organization, co-founded in 1984 by Russ Haslage and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry stepped in at the eleventh hour and purchased the store, thus saving it for future generations of Trekkers and other Sci-fi enthusiasts.