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Come one and all to ring in the New Year at our Vegas Night New Year's Eve Bash at Quark's. The party starts at 7:00 PM at the house on the hill behind Starbase Columbus and Collision One .....5541 Westerville Rd. 

This is a family friendly event...for all ages.

It will be a night of video games, card games - Poker, Euchre, Hearts and more! This is a potluck so please bring something yummy to share!

Calling All Klingons!

On your next visit to Starbase Columbus be sure to check out our Klingon Korner. We have
Bat'leths and Disruptors for all the Klingons on your holiday gift list!  Q'Pla!

You asked for them...

We got 'em!

The Twelfth Doctor's SECOND Sonic Screwdriver! ($39.99)
Drop by soon and check out all of our Doctor Who items!

Cool Federation Apparel

Come in and check out our new Starfleet UFP jackets!  They come with the Starfleet patch and
magnetic insignia.  They can be special ordered in different sizes.  $74.99

Starbase now offers Gift Cards!

Can't decide on a gift?  Problem solved!  Beginning December 2016 Starbase Columbus will be offering Gift Cards in any amount!  It's always the perfect gift!

Starbase Gets a Remodel!