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Items Back in Stock

Need that extra accessory to complete your Halloween costume? We've just received a shipment of Tricorders and Communicators...just in time for Halloween!
Tricorder - $59.99
Communicator - $39.99

Here's the Ticket!


Starbase Renovation

Starbase Columbus will be temporarily closed for 2 days in November in order to complete some major renovations to the store.  The dates are Sunday, November 13 and Monday November 14.
Renovations will include a new floor plan, painting the interior of the store and revamping some of the existing fixtures, along with some other minor modifications.  The crew at Starbase is very
excited....this remodel is long overdue.  Since being purchased by the Federation in May 2016 the
store staff has been working to bring in cool new merchandise and technological updates to the store to bring it into the 24th century.....well, Star Trek is the main attraction after all!

It's Here at Last!

Just Beamed in to Starbase Columbus!

New Shopper Rewards Program Rolls Out at Starbase

This week Starbase Columbus has rolled out a new Rewards Program for its customers.  This new
program will replace the store's stamp card program which was active for several years.  Customers
who make a donation to the Federation Relief Missions Task Force will receive a discount card good
on all purchases at Starbase Columbus for a year.  Donations must be made at the store in order to receive the discount card (good for in-store purchases only).

How does it work?

$10.00 Donation

Shoppers receive a Federation Intergalactic Shoppers club card good for 5% off all store purchases

$15.00 Donation

Shoppers receive a Captain's Club Silver member card good for 10% off  all store purchases

$25.00 Donation

Shoppers receive an Admiral's Club Gold member card good for 15% off all store purchases

**Shoppers club cards have expiration dates and cannot be combined with other discounts.

Starbase Halloween Party October 22nd

Everyone is invited to come and join us!  Bring the kids!

New Phaser Remotes are Here!


Starbase Gets a New Look!

Stop by the store soon and check out our new look!