New Shopper Rewards Program Rolls Out at Starbase

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This week Starbase Columbus has rolled out a new Rewards Program for its customers.  This new
program will replace the store's stamp card program which was active for several years.  Customers
who make a donation to the Federation Relief Missions Task Force will receive a discount card good
on all purchases at Starbase Columbus for a year.  Donations must be made at the store in order to receive the discount card (good for in-store purchases only).

How does it work?

$10.00 Donation

Shoppers receive a Federation Intergalactic Shoppers club card good for 5% off all store purchases

$15.00 Donation

Shoppers receive a Captain's Club Silver member card good for 10% off  all store purchases

$25.00 Donation

Shoppers receive an Admiral's Club Gold member card good for 15% off all store purchases

**Shoppers club cards have expiration dates and cannot be combined with other discounts.


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